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The subtitle pretty much says it all: “A compendium of thoughts, reflections, and suggestions regarding life online.” Since 2010, Piedmont has been focused exclusively on internet-based services such as websites, email, and social media. However, we still get questions about pc’s, viruses, wi-fi, and various tech gadgets.  And, being a student of mass media, it’s hard to keep quiet about the impact of the internet on our society, our culture, our kids…  It seems we’re still learning how to harness the power that comes with a connected world.

Hopefully, this will be useful for visitors that find their way here as the result of a google search, or a referral from another site or online posting. We’re happy to share the benefits of our decades of experience with technology, and trust that the information you find here is useful*.  Towards that end, we’ll try to categorize posts by topic: websites, ecommerce, facebook tips, email, pc support, safe surfing, smartphones, search engine optimization, and whatever other labels make sense.  Oh, and some humor sprinkled in for good measure 😉  A search box and a current list of topics are included in the sidebar to help you search and locate specific items.

*Please be aware that we cannot assume liability for any actions you take as the result of reading this blog. We’d never intentionally suggest something that would be harmful or that would result in lost data; however, following any suggestions made on this website is done solely at your own discretion and risk. From time to time, we may also publish product reviews and recommendations. These are based on our own experience and risk tolerance. If you choose to make a purchase or implement a product based on one of these recommendations, Piedmont Technology will not be responsible for any adverse results. PC Support and Tech Tips posts are intended to offer guidance and provide the benefits of our own experiences.  If you need assistance locating a PC repair outlet, please send an email to service@piedmonttechnology.net.

PS – it’s always a good practice, and strongly recommended, to make a backup before implementing any changes to your system.