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On this day in technology history…

In 2003 – Apple opened the iTunes Music Store with 200,000 songs for 99 cents a piece. Songs could play on any iPod and up to three authorized Macs. Windows users were out of luck but tracks could be burned to unlimited numbers of CDs.

#TBT – What’s a Fax Machine?

The term “reasonable facsimile” used to be commonplace.  These days, it’s almost an anachronism.  If you deal with people or organizations that still insist on this technology, at least sweep your side of the street and migrate your fax service to an online solution. It’s easy, inexpensive, and effective:  Fax-to-Email (and Email-to-Fax).  Get rid of…

#TBT – First Computer

The Commodore Vic-20 was released in 1980 and was the first computer of any kind to reach sales of 1 milion units.  Aside from helping me master Space Invaders, it proved to be a launching pad for my love affair with gadgets and computers.   Fond memories…  Happy #tbt!