Take the update, skip the add-on

Did you get an alert about updating Java from Oracle?  If so, by all means accept it and keep your system current.  However, be aware that (by default) the updater will install one of those annoying add-on’s to your web browser.  Just be sure to UN-check the box (see picture at right) highlighted in yellow…

Using Google’s Apps

I’ve had several people ask, “How can I take advantage of the free apps offered by Google?”  In particular, how to best use  Google Drive (formerly known as Google Docs).   Here is a synopsis, as well as some links to reputable onlilne resources that will help you make the most of your Google account.…

“Data Hijacking” example

Described in layman’s terms, from an end-user perspective.  (you’ll have to endure a few seconds of advertisement, but well worth the view)   Link to Video:  Computer virus locking important files targets local business http://t.co/f7V4nYevnd

We now accept payments online!

Visit our CONTACT page and scroll down just a little bit, and you’ll see the PayPal button.  You can use this to pay an invoice or submit a progress payment. We accept PayPal transfers, as well as VIsa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.   Click here to go there.

RIP Windows XP and Office 2003

For a limited time, Piedmont is offering a comprehensive PC migration package for $225, that takes the effort out of upgrading, and the risk out of using, Windows XP or Office 2003 beyond Microsoft’s offical cutoff date.  Details…