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How NOT to do email marketing

Normally, I’d just delete these emails without even reading them.  But 5 requests for “a few minutes of my time” from the same person all within one minute? Either it’s an AWESOME deal, or perhaps a real emergency. So I took a moment and scanned them.  My overall impression was SO NEGATIVE, I thought it would be worthwhile to use this as an example of how NOT to do email marketing. 

First of all, if they had done even a minute’s worth of research, they’d see that Piedmont Technology offers the same service (online storage & backups) that they’re peddling. Secondly, it’s not wise to be so informal as to include “kickass” in your introductory message. Further, “Hey” isn’t the type of subject line that conveys any degree of professionalism.


Less than a minute later, another email with a subject line of Re:Hey (as if we’ve been communicating back and forth for a while).  On top of an admission that he really doesn’t know who he’s communicating with:

Next up: a plea for some of my time, but now it’s for tomorrow rather than the coming week. Also, it’s wise to avoid acronyms (MSPs, BDR) that most readers don’t understand.  (The BS reference is understood…and again, inappropriate)

So, let’s begin a new thread under a different subject line (all within the same minute as message #1):  Again, for all he knows, I could be a preacher’s wife who’s not thrilled about dealing with a stranger asking “What the hell…”


Now we’re back to the previous subject line, we’re disparaging the competition, and again using some off-color language.  Plus, another push for 10 minutes of my time tomorrow:


So, this is a great example of what NOT to do with your email marketing budget.  If you’d like some assistance with setting up an email marketing campaign that doesn’t waste prospects’ time (and your money), drop us a line.  And, if you need an online backup and storage solution from an outfit that understands Business Protocol 101, we’re here for that too! 


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