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Piedmont Technology, based in Loudoun County, Virginia, was established by Randy Kenyon in 2006. Initially positioned as a virtual IT staffing Randy Kenyonresource, Piedmont Technology has evolved to focus on internet-based services, with an emphasis on helping small businesses and local organizations select and use the tools that make up their ‘digital footprint.’ In addition to small businesses and organizations, individual users are encouraged to follow the Piedmont Blog for help with everything from PC’s to smartphones, from security and backups to managing your wireless router, from email to common applications. 

Randy has over a decade of experience with Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and eCommerce solutions. He combines that experience, along with social media tools and traffic analytics, to offer advice that will reinforce your marketing strategy. Randy’s education (BS in Communication Arts from JMU) and his career in information technology (AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Sprint, PRC, Software AG, Computer Science Corp) have given him a unique perspective on how to deploy web-based services that help clients achieve their goals. Piedmont Technology is the culmination of Randy’s 30 years experience as a journalist, technician, consultant, engineer, and IT manager.

Piedmont Technology understands the internet as an interactive medium, and combines that understanding with decades of diverse business experience. An online solution (website, email, shopping cart, etc.) can have a profound impact on other areas of your business. In can be a reflection of your business plan, or it may enable a change to your back-office processes. Whether you need to outsource a turnkey solution, or need help building a website that will be self-managed, Piedmont can help.


Creative designs, effective copy writing and targeted marketing are essential elements for success. And a reliable infrastructure is a must. An effective online presence requires a mix of creativity and technology. And that’s the cornerstone of Piedmont Technology’s mission: “To deliver a blend of creativity and technology resulting in an effective online presence.”