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Galaxy Note7 Recall – Updated

UPDATE (Oct 18):  On a flight to Atlanta last week, we all heard the announcements insisting that Galaxy Note7 users turn off their phones and to NOT charge them during the flight.  On the way back, the notices had been elevated to “Do not even bring them on board!”  All carriers are offering refunds/replacements.  If you haven’t yet, why not?

(click the graphic below for the latest from Samsung’s own website)

Galaxy Note7 Exchange Program

Remains of Galaxy Note7 after battery fire. ( Source: )

If you haven’t heard already, the latest Galaxy Note7 smartphone from Samsung is being recalled due to problems with the battery overheating and catching fire and/or exploding.  Just over 1 million have been sold in the US since their introduction last month.

Initially, Samsung announced a voluntary recall without coordinating with federal agencies.  Perhaps well intentioned, it was less than effective.  As of today, several US government entities are formalizing, the recall. The Consumer Products Safety Commission, the FAA, and others are raising the awareness level due to the seriousness of the issue. Click the graphic for CPSC’s web page devoted to this issue:

CPSC's page on Galaxy Note7 Recall

As of this morning, less than 15% of units sold domestically have been returned.  That means over 800,000 timebombs are out there.  If you have a Galaxy Note7, turn it off and remove the battery — immediately. Then, please contact Samung, or your cellular carrier and follow their instructions for a refund or replacement.


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Pencil Sketch Photo (example of new photo templates in latest Android update)

I finally caved and accepted the persistent reminders to upgrade my (android) phone.  And just noticed that it includes some new photo editing templates. After snapping a photo and opening your pictures folder, tap it once to open an editing toolbar.  You can experiment with different settings and templates and save them to the studio folder while retaining the original photo. Kinda cool..






If you have a jail-break iPhone, read on…

If you have a jail-break iPhone, read on…

Yet another good reason to NOT JAILBREAK your iPhone (or droid, for that matter)

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