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Merging cells in Excel without loosing data

It’s easy to highlight a couple of adjacent cells and click on the merge icon to make the two become one.  Using this method, you’ll end up with only the data from one cell.  But, what if you want the contents of both cells to be merged? (example – a column of last names and a column of first names merged into a single column that shows “last name, first name”)  Here’s how:
  1. Select the cell in which you want to combine the contents of other cells.
  2. To start the formula, type =(
  3. Select the first cell that contains the text that you want to combine, type &” “& (with a space between the quotation marks), and then select the next cell that contains the text that you want to combine.
    To combine the contents of more than two cells, continue selecting cells, making sure to type &” “& between selections. If you don’t want to add a space between combined text, type & instead of &” “&. To insert a comma, type &”, “& (with a comma followed by a space between the quotation marks).
  4. To finalize the formula, type )
  5. To see the results of the formula, press ENTER.

Once you have the first cell combination looking right, you can copy it down the length of the column and, voila! — you’re done.  Don’t forget – if you want to take the resulting column and paste it into another spreadsheet or another column – select what you want –> right click + “copy” –> select the destination –> right click + PASTE SPECIAL and then select “values.”  This will copy/paste the results of your formula instead of copying the formula itself (which would likely generate errors).

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