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Faux Pas #1 – Ignoring voicemail messages.

If someone who is trying to reach you leaves a voicemail, it’s better to listen to it before having this conversation:

“Did you get my message?  I left you a voicemail.”
“No, I just saw a missed call from you..”

After all, they took the time to listen to the ringing, your greeting, and then to leave a message; and, frequently, it wasn’t one that even required a call-back.  How do you feel when this happens to you?

Faux Pas #2 – Jumping from one platform to another.

Unless you and the other person agree beforehand, it’s much better to complete a conversation where you started it.  Replying to a Facebook message via email, replying to a Tweet via a post in a Google+ group, replying to…well, you get the idea.  We all use (abuse) caller ID and we can see who sent messages on social media, do we have to also use a hodge podge of platforms to avoid actually talking with one another realtime?

Faux Pas #3 – Not sweeping the front porch.

By this, I mean keeping your voicemail greeting short, sweet, and current.  And please, please don’t let your mailbox (email and voicemail) fill up.  What kind of message does that send about you?


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