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using the right keywords is just the beginning…SEO services by Piedmont Technology

If your website is critical to generating new business, you can’t ignore the importance of ranking well in the major search engines such as Google and Bing. The old axiom, “You can’t manage it unless you measure it,” holds true particularly with online marketing and advertising. You’re making an investment in your brand – you’re entitled to know the return on that investment. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services provide you with the framework, and the data, to help you make decisions that support your goals.

To realize maximum benefit, search engine optimization should be part of a larger, overall marketing strategy. The internet should complement any traditional advertising medium you use: newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV. And vice versa.

Piedmont has been a student of the online search industry, of Google in particular, since it’s beginning. We know how to look at your website through the lenses of the major search engines. We can show you how to use simple, and often free, tools to understand your traffic data, and to help you make sure your website is visitor friendly and search engine friendly:

A search engine like Google uses over 200 criteria to determine which websites to list on page one of a search result. We don’t know the details of their algorithms, but we do know how to implement Google’s best practices.  And measure the results. And make adjustments. It’s an iterative process. Piedmont can help you get started with an SEO overview engagement.  How well is your site viewed by search engines?  What keywords or phrases should you target? Who are your competitors? How well are they doing in terms of online searches? What keywords or phrases are they targeting? Can you do it better? These are just some of the areas we’ll explore with you:

* Make it easy for clients to find you online
* How to decide what keywords or phrases to use

* Inbound links
* On-page and off-page SEO tactics
* Use analytics data to measure & refine your campaign
* Leverage social media to your advantage

Initial SEO engagements (website analysis, traffic data setup, competitive environment overview, and keyword recommendations) start at $200 one time. Ongoing SEO activity can be performed by the customer or by Piedmont.  Contact Piedmont for a detailed quote that’s customized to your unique needs.


A word about exclusivity – Several clients have asked if Piedmont Technology offers exclusivity within their industry segment regarding marketing data developed under a Search Engine Optimization engagement, specifically keyword/keyphrase performance and strategy.  We don’t. Here’s why: each Search Engine Response (SERP) page has 10 slots for organic listings.  So, if the search term you’re targeting is ‘widgets,’ and we’ve optimized your website to show up on Google’s page 1 after searching for “widgets,” there are still 9 more slots on page 1.  If/when Piedmont has 10 clients in the same industry, all targeting the same keyword/keyphrase, and they’re all well-ranked for that keyword/keyphrase, we’ll re-consider exclusivity options.  (And that would be a good problem to have!)