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Do you need a new website? Does your current site need to be updated? The age of your website can be a 2-edged sword; a long-term presence under the same domain name (URL) can significantly help your Google rankings, but stale content will hurt those same rankings. Piedmont can work with you to develop a strategy that meets your needs and supports your goals.  

How does it look on an iPhone, Android, or tablet? The growth in mobile users means more opportunities lost for websites designed only for larger displays. “Responsive” sites that automatically adjust to tablets and smart phones are better positioned to capture traffic from a rapidly growing group of online shoppers.  In fact, search engines like Google are now taking responsiveness into consideration when deciding what to show on their search results pages. 

We can help you understand (and answer!) questions about whether to use WordPress, HTML, or a drag & drop theme.  And walk you through questions you may have about selling online: Can you incorporate a catalog, shopping cart, and payment system into the design?

Piedmont Technology can help you leverage your investment in your brand, and your online presence. And we can help you design and deploy a solution that’s right for you, at a cost you’ll be happy with.