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Each situation, and every client, is different; thus, it’s impossible to publish boiler-plate maintenance and pricing plans.  In fact, we’d strongly prefer to help you learn how to maintain and update your own site. Quotes vary based on your level of familiarity, number of in-person training sessions, and complexity of the site. 

If you’d like a quote for Piedmont Technology to maintain your website (and/or promote it on social media), please contact us.  In order to produce a quote, we need to know: 


  • Your domain name(s)
  • How many weekly blog posts you want (original content, unique to your site)?
  • What social media site(s) you have currently, or would like to establish?
  • Who should provide any photographs (you or Piedmont)?



Start the process by emailing (you can use the form on the Contact page) your information.