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Yahoo accounts compromised

Yahoo accounts compromised

Thursday PM update: Various media reports (including WTOP) now have the total at 500 million accounts.  There’s been some speculation that it was “state sponsored” and we’re hearing that the hack occurred in 2014.  User names, passwords, dates of birth, possibly phone numbers, plus answers to security questions, were exposed. So, if you had a Yahoo account in 2014 and haven’t since changed your password, you should do so now.  And keep it unique – not the same one you might use for other services. Then, change your security questions/answers as well!

We don’t know all the details yet. But we do know enough to strongly suggest changing your password(s) on any Yahoo accounts. We’ll update this post as the details become available; however, given the potential impact, we wanted to get the pre-alert out there…

Here’s a small sampling of today’s technology headlines surrounding this massive breach. Updates to come…

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